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I'm ready to pivot!

If the job you thought was your DREAM is actually leaving you unfulfilled, burnt out, and bored, I’ve got great news for you—you’re allowed to find a NEW dream job!

And I’m just the girl to help ya do it. 😉

With 10+ years of career coaching and HR experience, I’ll help you market yourself confidently, build your network organically, and seize opportunities that are truly aligned with your values—so you can pivot with purpose & land that "hell yeah, this is what I'm meant to do” kind of job.

Taking you from burnt-out #girlboss to thriving in your true north-star career


In fact… I’m living, breathing proof that even an HR pro can have a career identity crisis.

And to admit that this has turned your world upside down would be a complete understatement.

Because, y’know, you’ve spent the majority of your life striving for this *one* thing (an epic, glossy-looking career), to come to the realization that you’re completely unsatisfied, burnt out, and you don’t actually want your boss’s job.

So, your career isn’t what you always hoped & dreamed of…

Millennial women carry the weight of A TON of expectations on our shoulders. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, go through the motions, and keep striving for the next big thing: more money. More accolades. More fulfillment & achievement.

And it makes sense why.

You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation...

Hey! I’m Janel. Just like you, I grew up in the #girlboss era thinking I’d be just like Andie Anderson—working in a glamorous downtown office, wearing my elevated business casual, killing it at my job, and still having plenty of time to be “that girl” outside of work, too. (LOL)

Turns out that playing within the parameters of my corporate jobs wasn’t as fulfilling as I romanticized in my mind.

Pivoting my career from corporate HR to independent career coaching was no doubt the right choice, but the process was messy, maddening, and lonely.

I knew there had to be a more empowering, connected way to make a career pivot, so I made it—just for driven millennial women like you.

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Here’s how I can help you kick your career identity crisis to the curb—

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With a decade of HR experience, a Masters in Organizational Behavior, and my own big career pivot under my belt, I've got a lot to share about building a meaningful career!

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The hype for a purposeful career pivot is REAL.

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“Now I'm confident in where I want to be, something that
felt out of reach before working with Janel."


“I have so much more confidence and purpose after our sessions. She helped me stop second guessing myself, communicate confidently and effectively, and pushed me to get out of my comfort zone to make changes! I am so grateful for our time together and know I will work with her in the future again. Janel is the absolute best!!”

Your dream job is out there-
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i'm so ready!