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As a former corporate HR professional and recovering girl-boss, I bring a set of experiences, interests, and perspectives in career coaching unique to the ‘elder millennial,’ AKA, the largest generation in the workplace!

With more than ten years of career coaching and HR experience, as well as undergoing my own big career pivot in 2020, I've recruited, hired, developed, and mentored hundreds of young professionals to find that "hell yeah, this is what I'm meant to do" kind of work.

Before pursuing my path in independent career coaching and launching my Pivot With Purpose framework, I studied work psychology at NYU. I then went on to excel in various HR roles at NBCUniversal, Stitch Fix, and Tinder before earning my Master’s in HR at LSE.

Today, I work primarily with Millennial women to market themselves confidently, build their network organically, and seize career opportunities that are truly aligned with their values.

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Making Connections with Confidence

How to Use the Great Resignation to Transform Your Career

Leveraging LinkedIn for Beginners & Aspiring Leaders

Healing from Hustle Culture

Choosing Work that Works for You

How to Stop Job-Hopping for Good

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How I Pivoted from Corporate HR to Independent Career Coaching in 2020

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