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If you've been using your lunchtime Mental Health Walks to contemplate how to build a career + life on your own terms, then you’re in the right place.

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Whether you’re ready to put your bold career ideas into action, or need help figuring out WTF you’re doing, you belong here.

Being a Millennial woman comes with a lot of expectations unique to our generation only. (Lucky us, LOL.) And a lot of those expectations are rooted in our careers and traditional markers of success.

With the weight of these “shoulds” and “must-bes” on our shoulders, it can be quite the journey to figure out what it actually is that you want.

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real talk:

I may love what I do today, but it took me a while to get here.

Hey! I’m Janel, a recovering corporate girlboss turned anti-hustle career coach. Long story short, I’ve been through the ringer trying to find my most fulfilling career path—and although it was totally worth it in the end, it also totally sucked doing it alone.

After my experience, I vowed to NEVER let women in my shoes feel alone in their career journey.

That’s why Lunch Break is more than *just* a newsletter—it’s a community of like-minded women like you who are determined to cultivate intentional harmony between life and work.

I know, because I’ve been there myself.

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If your dreams, ideas, or aspirations have ever been questioned or looked down upon, I’m here to validate you every step of the way in wholeheartedly pursuing them.

Even if you’re not sure what they are just yet, I hope Lunch Break inspires you to never give up ‘til you find it. Life’s too damn short not to.

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