An epic, meaningful career that supports the life you want is possible for you...

Tired of feeling disconnected from your purpose & priorities?

Life is too short to stay in a job that doesn't make you feel energized, fulfilled, and in control of your life.

You've tried buckling down and pushing through – but the thought of staying in this job for even one more day is crushing your spirit.

There's a simple fact you can’t deny anymore…

So you got the job you always wanted... only to realize you're not fulfilled?

Because your career and personal life are deeply intertwined... especially when you're clocking 50-hour weeks – been there.

You're ready to reclaim your career and life. But you keep finding yourself in the same place: convincing yourself to stay where it's "safe" and unsure how to land a job that would actually make you happy.


〰️ You've been dreaming about a career that feels better for a while now, but you keep getting stuck?

〰️ You only feel qualified for the job you already have. But you don't want to switch companies for the same role somewhere else and find yourself feeling the same way a few months from now?

〰️ You're already burnt out, and job searching feels like an entire job on top of everything else. You apathetically scroll LinkedIn for hours after your workday, apply to a few roles, but rarely hear back?

〰️ You know you're excelling at the role you have now, so you keep talking yourself out of making a change. Maybe you should just stick it out where you're doing well enough?


You need to get radically clear about what lights you up so you can find + pivot onto a path that makes you happy – like, now.

Here's the truth. I'm willing to bet that you're ambitious, clever, and resourceful. So, it doesn't surprise me that you're able to do your job well. You're someone who could be successful in almost any job you set your mind to.

Why not choose to be successful in a job you absolutely love, using the strengths you’re most excited about?

You know, those skills that make you feel connected to your purpose – like your creativity or ability to encourage others.
Don’t waste any more time being stuck where you are…

To find true meaning, you need alignment between your work life & your personal life.

It’s easy to fall into the trap that your job is a “means-to-an-end” or you just need a little more “work-life balance.” But the truth is…

No amount of “balance” will turn an unfulfilling job into a life-giving career.

Before 2020, you did your routine on autopilot: commuted to work, came home late, squeezed a workout in there, did it all over again the next day. But when the pandemic put those routines on pause, you took a step back and questioned.... everything. *Introspective thinkers unite*

You used to put work first before everything else. Now you have a new perspective about what really matters. You want to spend more time with your family, traveling safely, and creating fulfilling experiences.

You want to continue being ambitious and successful, too. But you want to create a career around your life – not the other way around.

More than ever, you crave an ambitious career that also supports your personal lifestyle and priorities. 

Meet Your Coach:
Janel Abrahami!

I’ve lived many lives before finding my dream role as an independent career coach.

I'm a former three-time corporate HR professional who had been striving her entire life for a successful career, when I came to the heavy realization that everything I thought I wanted was actually my worst nightmare… my whole world turned upside down.

I felt like I was left to my own devices to figure out what the heck I actually wanted to feel fulfilled in my career. It was a long, lonely road (filled with lots of existential crises & marathon-watching Gilmore Girls for the billionth time).

I know I would have found my way A LOT sooner if I had someone who was genuinely invested in my happiness and future to guide me—which is why it’s my ultimate mission as your career coach to create space where women like you don’t feel the need to dance around what they actually want, and to help you pursue it head-on.

hey there!


Defining your meaningful career starts with uncovering what makes you feel purposeful, hopeful,
and aligned with your true self.

My proven process is unlike any other career coaching program, because it walks you through
how to find your purpose first, and then claim a new career like a pro.

And I created it using my direct insight into hiring and recruiting practices as a former HR professional.

This roadmap is your ticket to creating a career that celebrates your innate strengths and values –
and fits into a lifestyle that matters to you.

More than ever, you want an ambitious career that also supports your personal lifestyle and priorities.

Defining your meaningful career path now will help you…

✔️ Find long-term fulfillment and meaning

✔️ Reach your goals faster feeling energized and excited

✔️ Reclaim your life and priorities outside of work

Your career isn't one part of your life- it informs your entire lifestyle. Why settle for subpar when next-level happiness is an option?


Pivot With Purpose

A 6-month accelerator program to clarify your career goals and step into your meaningful career with complete confidence.

Pivot With Purpose is the support system you’ve needed to come alongside you as you identify and pivot into a career you actually love.

Are you ready to feel more fulfilled in your life and career than you ever thought was possible?

“Pivot with Purpose helped me to achieve my ultimate goal of getting a job in a field that excites me with a company that aligns with my values and offers flexibility (AKA, the DREAM). Because of the results from this program, I now feel like I can really achieve some pretty crazy dreams.

Before Pivot with Purpose I was unhappy with my career trajectory. Although I had spent so much time in school and was excelling in my professional career, I felt disengaged and unexcited by my day-to-day work. I knew I needed a change, but I kept talking myself out of it because it felt like a dream that didn’t fit into the mold of corporate life I was brought up with.

I decided to join Pivot with Purpose because Janel uses a values-first approach to the job search process that really resonated with the dream I had in mind. I was looking for a new position in a different field with a company that aligned with my values, allowed for a flexible work environment, and kept me engaged with diversity in the day-to-day work.

Because of Pivot With Purpose, I got a friggin job in my dream industry (!), met like-minded people who taught me that I’m not the only one who felt unhappy in their current job, and gained confidence to control other aspects of my life!”

“I got a job in my dream industry!!”

- Michelle

You want to make your next career move fast – and we'll get you there. But I believe that before you jump into the job search, you need to get clear on your deepest values and innate strengths.

Uncovering your "why" gives your job search direction. Instead of taking a new role that will leave you unhappy 6 months from now, you'll create a life-long career that you’re excited about.

Pivot With Purpose Collective includes the self-discovery work you need to pinpoint the career path that's right for you. But I won't leave you hangin’ there.

You also get my signature, step-by-step process for applying, interviewing, and landing a fulfilling new job like a pro.

My proven process includes 9 value-packed on-demand modules that include...

✔️ A guide to confidently build your network and create your professional brand

✔️ Recruiter-backed application, interview, and negotiation templates

✔️ Effective decision-making frameworks to prioritize your job search

Are you tired of aimlessly scrolling LinkedIn, not getting the responses you want, and feeling burnt out in your job search?

Get the *exact* process to apply effectively and take the right actions to land the job you want.

... and how to land the job that will get you there.

Finally, a career coaching program that shows you how to identify your purpose before looking for a new role – so you can be sure that the next job you land keeps you on track to creating the life you want.

Everything you need to create a crystal-clear vision of your fulfilling, lifelong career…

1. Powerful Resources

What's inside the Pivot With Purpose Collective?

The proven Pivot With Purpose method:

If there’s one thing I wished I had when I totally transformed my career, it’s someone who could have mentored me through the process.

You’re smart and resourceful – you could keep trying to do the whole job search thing alone. But wouldn't it be nice if you had someone who could take your hand and guide you through the steps? Someone who can take all the guesswork out of the process – AND be your #1 hype woman as you succeed?

With Pivot With Purpose Collective, you get…

✔️ Weekly group coaching calls in an intimate group

✔️ 2+ private sessions to use with me any time during the 6 months

I become your guide, accountability partner, and biggest supporter as you reach your goals.

2. Expert Coaching

Let's be honest, job searching is lonely. You have to put on a brave face at work, even though you're unhappy on the inside. You can't talk to your coworkers about it, and convos with your friends turn into vent sessions with no real solutions.

When you join Pivot With Purpose, you get instant access to an exclusive digital community with other career-pivoters who are in the same position as you. You can relate, share stories, and connect each other to opportunity– without having to worry about anyone at work finding out.

*PLUS: you get daily access to me, your coach, to personally answer all of your questions along the way.

3. Real Connection

Unmatched support as you pivot into a meaningful career.

add that all up and you get:

Make this the year you score a higher salary, better benefits, more PTO, and more space to grow in a field that really matters to you.

Create such a strong network and professional brand around what you love that people are actively reaching out to YOU with epic opportunities.

Feel so proud to talk about your new job, because it truly reflects your personal values, strengths, and passions.

All this is possible for you when you join Pivot With Purpose!

Imagine how it would feel to

“I was feeling a bit hopeless in my job search, and I wanted to find a new career that energized me.

Pivot With Purpose gave me a great opportunity to connect with other people who were experiencing the same things as I was in their job search, and to go through the process of pivoting together.

Another important aspect of PWP for me was the accountability to keep my momentum up and use the group for support. It was an investment, but 100% worth it.

I feel so much more confident in my ability to land a job that I’ll be genuinely excited about!”

"100% worth the investment.”

- Rachel

Landed dream jobs at HBO,
Skillshare, Hilton, Mayo Clinic + more

Scored international work opportunities

Gotten into grad schools at
NYU, USC, Columbia + more

Launched their own businesses

Negotiated raises, bonuses, promotions + other lifestyle benefits

PWP Collective members have:

“I decided to join Pivot With Purpose because it seemed like a great opportunity to follow a structured, guided program while exploring my interests and taking ownership of my career, and I knew the program could help me clarify what my goals were and take action to achieve them.

Pivot With Purpose has helped me find clarity around my short term and long term goals, along with the tools to get there and now I feel confident in the conversations I’m having to shape my career into what I need to feel fulfilled and successful.

I could have let fear, finances, and insecurities hold me back from joining Pivot With Purpose, but I took the leap because I saw it as an investment in myself that I can continue to come back to, even after the program is finished.

My favorite part of working with Janel is her insight and knowledge around the job searching/application process, as well as her positive attitude and ability to challenge you to challenge yourself!”

“An investment in myself that I can continue to come back to, even after the program is finished”

- Maddie


The kind of career that gives you goosebumps when you realize that YOU get to pursue it. It all starts with this first step – I got you. It’s time to stop wishing for a new job and take the actions that launch you into a meaningful, lifelong career.


I believe Black Lives Matter. I stand for LGBTQIA+ rights. I believe in science. I know that what makes you different is your superpower, and I celebrate and welcome all intersectional identities - from neurodivergence, to religious beliefs, to different abilities, and everything in between. If you share those values and want to join a dynamic, diverse group- yay! If our values are not aligned, I encourage you to find a different career coach.

Good, because this is also important:

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